Battery Watering Systems for Stationary Applications: When the Deciding Factor Is Reliability

Whether in off-the-grid photovoltaic systems, in electronic data storage, whether in electric power back-up systems in hospitals or telecommunication facilities, bfs watering plugs operate reliably everywhere. A specialty in the field is the watering plug with central degassing, which is used to divert nearly all battery gasses centrally. This not only results in excellent protection from explosions in facility rooms but also minimizes acid droplets in the air, which are a health hazard. Also, facility rooms no longer need special ventilation.

Push-in Plug III with Central Degassing A51220

The push-in plug with central degassing is designed for special applications. Instead of a gas escape opening on the side, this plug has an additional connector for a hose that is used to control and divert all battery gasses.

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