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bfs at LogiMAT 2019

This year's LogiMAT took place from the 19th to the 21st of March in Stuttgart. Motivated and dedicated the bfs team gave information on various requests in the field of the filling of OPzS and PzS lead acid batteries. Again it was shown that the strike of path to equip the filling plug IV with an optional float protection was the right way. It gives the answer to the rough conditions in the ... more


bfs during CeMAT in Hanover

From the 23rd to the 27th of April the CeMAT 2018 took place. Bfs did present the filling plug IV as the new standard, which provides compared to plug III significant benefits.  A more quick filling, an exact filling level, lower height, more quick assembly, protection against leakage of electrolyte at strong gassing and 7 float housings, which provide an extensive protection against rising ... more


bfs at CeMAT 2018

one step ahead - at the trade fair CeMAT in Hanover.  From April 23 to 27 you will find us in hall 026 on booth D18. We are looking forward to present our filling plugs which are built in millions and also our new products. With 7 lenghts of float housings for plug IV we offer now the biggest variety in case of float protection. For this reason almost all of the industrial lead acid accumulat ... more


HOPPECKE audits the bfs production plants

Within our production facilities of BFS GmbH in Malta we had end of September an on site audit by our customer HOPPECKE Batterien GmbH & Co. KG. The good result which proves again the high quality of delivered products  does encourage us to continue our way in the the delivery of only high-class and perfect products. We would like to thank our partner ABERTAX LTD. for their smooth course ... more


EXIDE audits the bfs production plants

In October 2016 Bob Lewis, Supplier Quality Manager at EXIDE Technologies Ltd. visited the bfs production plants in Malta to carry out the customer audit on site. The good results are not only underlying that the producing high quality and flawless products, but also our hope to continue the good cooperation with the EXIDE Company. For their contribution we would like to take the opportuni ... more


bfs at the ELBC 2016 in Valetta



40 years bho / bfs

In 1975 engineer Klaus Oschmann founded the company bho – bulk handling oschmann, specializing in the development and the construction of silos and conveying machinery for the synthetic materials industry. After receiving the patent for automatic lead battery watering, he founded the company bfs - batterie füllungs systeme gmbh in 1981. Just one year later the filling plug version no.I w ... more


Winners of the bfs CEMAT tombola

Congratulation to the winners of our tombola at the CEMAT 2014 in Hanover. The task was to estimate how many single units of the new bfs supply elements – coupling, filter and flow indicator – are fitted in the battery container. Among the many participants there was one spot landing with the real number of 374 parts. The highest award, a Notebook, won Mr. Dirk van Damme/Vandapower, ... more


bfs at ELBC in Edinburgh

The 14th European Lead Battery Conference (14ELBC), organised by the International Lead Association (ILA), will be held from 9-12 September 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Please visit us at stand 10. more


New tubing system parts

The new developed bfs water supply system, coupling flow indicator and filter cartridge, offers highest safety and comfort. It is characterized by a clear visibility of the control units and a patented mechanism of the coupling which improves both safety and ease of use. Now the handling is made easier and faster, even with the use of gloves. bfs involved a complet ... more


HOPPECKE audits the bfs production plants

Beginning of November 2012 three HOPPECKE employees visited the bfs production plants in Malta, to carry out the customer audit on location. For their contribution to the good results we would like to take the opportunity of thanking to our partner ABERTAX LTD. for the generous support, the smooth implementation of the project and the pleasant atmosphere. But our thanks are ... more


bfs Equips Expedition Vehicle

Following years of preparation, a Mercedes expedition truck is about to embark on a trip around the world. The itinerary includes Africa, South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia – and then back to Germany. During the projected 10 years it will take to complete this journey, the vehicle will be exposed to the toughest conditions. All its equipment needs ... more


New bfs Accessory Succeeds in Field Test

Our all new filter and flow indicator came back from field testing with extremely good results. With the housing of both components well adapted to the shape of the feeder hose, handling the equipment has become very easy. Further, the visualization of the water flow was praised. The flow indicator’s spiral is clearly visible from any angle. bfs is grateful to all companies ... more


Asian Clip-in Plug IV

An Australian battery accessory supplier’s wish to offer pre-strung bfs systems (kits) led to the development of a new adaptor for 4-pin bayonet openings. The new Plug IV no longer needs to be locked with a quarter turn but only “clipped” into place – and this means that pre-strung kits are now also available for use in the Asian market. more


Battery Blocks Require Shorter Float

Several battery blocks with changed measurements have been introduced to the market and they require a shorter float. To be exact, it was the shorter distance between the edge of the cell vent and the separators of these batteries that prompted bfs to create a sixteenth float. The restriction in the vent, which is fairly common with battery blocks, limited the float’s diameter to 19 mm. The ... more


bfs at the 14th Asian Battery Conference

Our shared booth at the 14th Asian Battery Conference in Hyderabad drew many visitors. bfs co-exhibited with the firm Abertax. Our long-time consultant K.D. Merz, an experienced and extremely knowledgeable specialist in all things battery-related, drew scores of visitors at the fair. Both companies met with a lively interest in their products. And it is a central concern to b ... more


Elke Oschmann Awards the GEDOK Form ART Prize

For those coming to the awards ceremony GEDOK Form ART 2011 Klaus Oschmann Preis in the St. George’s Church in Wismar, a truly impressive experience awaited. Here they had the chance to marvel at the works of applied art created by 25 different artists. The size and beauty of the church’s nave, which has been restored to its cool brick splendor, together with the transept ... more


bfs System – Hoses Now Install More Easily

Following the request of several customers, we changed the design of the bfs plug connectors. Now the installation of watering hoses is easier. We stocked up on connectors to be on the safe side and then made changes to three different injection molding tools. As a result, the way the hoses now install is noticeably easier. more


bfs at the CeMat in Hanover

Visitors and exhibitors at the CeMat Trade Fair Hanover were in good spirits on this day with pleasant late summer temperatures. Gone was the sense of uncertainty and having to tread carefully that had dominated in the previous months of crisis. bfs was able to present some innovations to visitors. And we found it remarkable that many of our existing and potential European ... more


Special Plug for Roche Diagnostic

For the firm Roche Diagnostic from Penzberg, Germany it had simply been a matter of doing the math. They asked us to create a special plug for the Varta UPS batteries they use in their emergency power supply system. Because only 690 of the custom plugs were needed, we thought that the costs for development, for creating injection and assembly tools and even a custom float (wh ... more